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Buzz off.

So yeah, this is a personal post. Sue me.

It's been an interesting week. One of missing lessons, missing homework, missing people, missing sense.

Monday was quiet. Had a maths lesson cancelled, spent it trying to solve a different kind of problem, didn't really come up with much.

Tuesday was uneventful. It seems that whenever I sit down to do psychology work, I feel more and more like giving up on it, but then I realize how much time I've already wasted and that traps me. "Staying the course", anyone?

Wednesday was enlightening. Maybe it was because I had had two lessons cancelled and spent most of the morning sitting around doing nothing, but by the time it got to 11am I really wasn't in the mood for "Support & Guidance", which is the most patronisation (if that's even a word) that could possibly be crammed into an hour. I'm trying to keep quiet and put up with it, but it's not easy. There's just too much conflict in the form, and I'm not even talking about among students.

Thursday was silly. Some people had made a mess, so obviously the most mature thing the school could think of is shutting everyone out of all the rooms to "show that we mean business" (direct quote). They obviously forget that in an acting-like-kids competition, we're going to win. And if it's not a moral victory, we're not going to care. I think some teachers get it, but they're not the loud ones.

Friday was an ending. Not a particularly good ending, but it was an ending. That's enough. This week has again left me asking myself more clever-sounding philosophical questions, and not even pretending to know the answers. I'm confused, distracted, and despairing just a little, but I'm still going. However cyclical, or stressful, or unfair the weeks may seem, I don't really want them to end, so I'll try to enjoy them while I can. Sunny days.

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Your code for that posts just confuses me more...
<!-- no lie --> / Comment from Gill on 24 Feb 2007 at 19:09.

"Mission Accomplished". / Comment from Rob Marshall / [Admin] on 24 Feb 2007 at 19:33.

lol thought so / Comment from Gill on 24 Feb 2007 at 22:05.

It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. / Comment from Rob Marshall / [Admin] on 24 Feb 2007 at 22:57.

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