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Words, mouth, out.

Charlie Brooker: I hate Macs. Basically the same thing I thought when I first saw the UK-ized "I'm a Mac" ads, but expressed a whole load better than I would have managed.

Though I can't help feeling it was just a sneaky way to get me to read the side note about the start of the new series of Screenwipe, which I just watched whilst avoiding at all costs the urge to blink. An ad for ranting about telly on telly within a rant about telly ads on the Internet. That just blew my mind.

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You know, the problem with posts like this is that they mean I keep swinging back and forth between buying a macbook (pro) and not buying a macbook (pro). I suppose, if I buy one, it won't be for the looks, at least, nor for "fun stuff" - just because it's (supposedly) easier to use as soon as you stuff a usb ((n>1)-button) mouse into it, and because it can run Mac OS X, Linux and Windows all on the same machine - and that's useful. / Comment from Gijs on 06 Feb 2007 at 01:54.

yo batman! We, the product design crew (me, n gill) would like to request something for the random quotes banner thing. How about people can suggest them for approval. So that whenever me/gill/anyone think of one they can add it to it. Also gill just informed me when you choose a random thing, it just stays as that once its made and put on a page, is this true? or does it vary each time the image is loaded? if it doesnt it should.
That is all. Joe / Comment from joe on 06 Feb 2007 at 12:32.

There's nothing wrong with a Mac! I wish I had one... while keeping my PC though. If only Macs supported everything PCs do, that'd be perfect :D / Comment from Lee on 09 Feb 2007 at 00:13.

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