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Needs more stuff

This site could do with more content.

Or a tag so I can post screenshots easily.

Or a better admin script.

Or an admin script that actually works.

Okay, I have a lot to do. Crazy/logical suggestions welcome.

Edit: Admin login fixed. No more phpMyAdmin for posting. :)

⇐22 Sep 2004 - Progress Update / 15 Sep 2004 - Firefox 1.0 Preview Release⇒


Needs more spoons!!!!!!!!! / Comment from domo on 17 Sep 2004 at 21:53.

Hello my friend, wonder website, but D is right needs more spoons, but i wud say maybe sporks wud b better / Comment from X on 17 Sep 2004 at 21:55.

DONT REPLY WITH THE WORD TARD! / Comment from Guess who! on 17 Sep 2004 at 23:14.

Tard / Comment from SPAZ on 06 Oct 2004 at 23:29.

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