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A whole load of nothing

  • Chemistry/Physics exams (Thursday/Friday) were easier than I'd expected, though I guess I shouldn't be complacent. I've dropped about a grade's worth of marks in past papers on silly mistakes before. :|
  • Maths exam tomorrow. See above. Though this one's 90 minutes long and non-calculator, I think I'll be fine...
  • Don't really remember what I did on Saturday - whatever it was it wasn't productive. I think far too much of it was spent browsing ED.
  • Yesterday I noticed DNSstuff were charging for full access to their tools. I was wondering how hard it'd be to write something like that, so I decided to make a web-based DNS lookup my first proper Python script. I'd been procrastinating Python for far too long.

    It turned out there was already a decent DNS library for Python (PyDNS), so my work consisted mostly of guessing how zones work and fighting with Python's CGI support (which leaves a lot to be desired, IMO). Whilst I didn't think I'd be a fan of Python syntax, I actually ended up liking it. Most of the problems I came across ended up with me finding something in the standard library that did exacty what I wanted, introspectable from the prompt so I didn't have to search through endless web pages.

    Admittedly, my code still sucks, and if I put it up publicly there'd probably be a million and one ways to break it with dodgy input, but it was still fun to code and I'll definitely be using Python for something in the future.

  • Today I was bored, so I made my MySpace profile green and added another Internet Disease photo.
  • I also changed my logo for no particular reason. Don't try to read any meaning into it - it's just a triangle with an arrow on it. Really, any meaning I might claim it has was added after I'd made it with random lines in Inkscape. Just in case you were wondering: yes, I like green.

Oh, and Psychology sucks. Just needed to say that.

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On a non related subject, could you get NUMBCAST up soon / Comment from Joe on 24 Jan 2007 at 20:37.

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