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Got exams this week, and I have the feeling I'm going to do extremely well or extremely badly. One of the two.

I did revise a bit over the Christmas holidays, though mostly it was an excuse to sit on my own and do some of that dangerous "thinking" stuff again. It's kind of hard to tell, but I think I'm getting things sorted. Granted, I still don't know "what the hell I'm doing", but I've managed to convince myself there's a reason somewhere, which is progress compared to the last six years or so.

I've been writing notes to myself a lot. Putting my thought processes into words actually helps a lot more than I thought it would. Though I find I'm constantly thinking about the possibility of somebody else reading it, that's outweighed by the fact that I can read it in the future. I managed to figure out a real new year's resolution, and realize a couple of important things.

In a way, it's kind of replaced this blog. I'm not writing much about personal stuff any more, and I'm not really doing anything technically interesting at the moment (though I did just give my Firefox build env a test after a few months idle - compiler upgrade and a few kicks in the right places and it's fine). When I first started this I thought I might want to be a "blogger", but it turns out I'm just some guy with a blog.

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