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So I can't leave this alone. I'm going to finish off the list I started, don't expect my comments to mean anything.

  • Have better posture - Ah. I remember this one. The things we didn't know back then... Anyway, I can't really make much progress on this my own, got another appointment in February so I'll have to wait and see.
  • Work because I like to, not because I have to - I have a feeling this is one of those that won't go away, 'cause there'll always be things I don't want to do that seem like work. Still, it's a nice thought, and something I don't want to delete.
  • Be - Ha. I'll try doing this once I know what it means.
  • Become less enraged at instances of stupidity - I'm still really bad at this. But when I say "stupidity" I don't think I'm being fair - I guess "misunderstanding" is more what I mean. When I can't communicate to somebody else what I'm trying to say, or vice versa, it's annoying.
  • Learn Perl - Click. Gone.
  • Type with 10 fingers - I don't currently have 10 fingers (8 and 2 thumbs, each one as pedantic as the last), so I swapped this to learn to touch type.
  • See stonehenge, go to Ireland - Why not? Remind me in about a year.
  • Have 43 goals - I'm not sure whether the paradox is funny or not, but I'm leaving this in since I don't have 43 goals any more anyway.
  • Be Slashdotted - This isn't something that's likely to happen at all, but I'll leave it for now as I'd still like the nerd points.
  • Code a moblog in PHP - I'll do this eventually, dependent on taking photos and probably getting a new phone, which won't happen soon.
  • Get over my dislike of macs - Hmm... if this said "hate" I'd mark it done, but since it's only "dislike" and the person that first added the goal has given up, I'll give up too.
  • Learn to moonwalk, become ambidextrous - I have a feeling these aren't possible, but I'll let them stay for now.
  • Spread the word that "door hinge," in fact, rhymes with orange - kind of - I'm really disappointed I forgot about this one, because it's so true. Especially in a Hull accent.
  • Become a better chess player - Don't care, given up.
  • Read 1984 - Zing. Done.
  • Find out what my blood type is - After the countless blood tests I've had in the past year or so, you'd have thought I'd have managed this, right? Nope. I'm sure umpteen nurses, doctors, and researchers all know, but I never thought to ask.
  • Survive Cancer - Yeah, I deliberately left this to last. I'm just not sure whether I should mark it done or not. I'm surviving right now, but there's hardly a day that passes that I don't think about it, and I'll hardly be able to say I've "survived" something when it doesn't go away. Would marking it done be tempting fate, or something like that? I think for now I'll leave it, and set a reminder for me to think again.

I'm not sure whether I'm "supposed" to replace the items I removed to make it equal 43 again, but I should probably at least replace the ones I gave up on. So far I added shave my head 'cause it sounds fun, and swear more, which is just to balance the 315 people who want to swear less. I'll try to think of some serious ones later.

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Ive got a shaver, if you need it for the shaving? / Comment from Smiddy on 29 Dec 2006 at 21:24.

Thanks, but if I do end up doing it it'll be when nobody expects it. More fun that way. :) / Comment from Robert Marshall / [Admin] on 29 Dec 2006 at 22:01.

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