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Speaking of New Year's resolutions, it's almost exactly two years since I signed up to 43 Things. I added a few things, then got bored and forgot about it. Then a year ago I made my list up to 43, and promptly forgot about it again. Not too good a record when the whole point of the site is to do things.

But I thought I'd review my list anyway, see if I've made any progress at all. Note that this is going to be a long post mostly for my own benefit, so feel free to ingore it. Here goes nothing:

  • Stop procrastinating - Hmm. Not really. As I keep saying in these situations to pretend to be funny, "maybe later".
  • Take more pictures - Unless I take it literally and say that one or two a month is more than zero, I haven't made progress here. Though I do think it's still something I want to do, and a camera is probably something I could have asked for for Christmas.
  • See the Northern Lights - Maybe if I do this, I could take a picture...
  • Add gallery software to my website - If I started taking pictures I'd probably force myself to do this one. Wish I could mark things as dependent on each other.
  • Blog more often - I'm not blogging that often, but I am writing more than I did in the past, so I'm going to mark this done.
  • Become a Wikipedia contributor - Nope, don't care about this any more.
  • Clean up my computer's desktop - Heh, I did this one pretty quickly, then had to do it again, then did it, and now I have a screenful of icons again. It's a constant battle.
  • Master CSS - Marking this done.
  • Learn how to remember peoples' names - Somehow I don't seem to be as bad at this as I was, and I have to mark things done at some point, so this one is gone.
  • Use Linux, witness the end of IE, format my computer, master PHP, get more people to read my blog - Ah, geeky ones that felt like a good idea at the time but now just look daft. Give up, done, give up, do nothing, do nothing respectively.
  • Grow a beard - Was going to do this after my chemo, but changed my mind. Still, it's something I should do at some point, for no particular reason.
  • Release my code - See #1.
  • Drink eight glasses of water each day - I probably do this, just I'm not quite bothered enough to count. I'll mark it done anyway.
  • Get more sleep - Fail. Complete and utter fail. :(
  • Become a better programmer - Kind of. Since "better" is really vague, I'll say I'm done.
  • Create a vaguely interesting, cross-platform computer game - file under geeky again, and leave for a bit longer. I clicked the thing that makes it remind my future self.
  • Make a cool / useful firefox plugin - RandomTab doesn't count.
  • Stop "trying out 43 things" and actually do the stuff that's on my list - Done. A bit.
  • Relax - "Remind me in a month", when I think I'll be able to judge this a bit better.
  • Do a regular podcast - Well, I'm part of Numbcast, but that's not regular and I don't think anything I do in the future will be. I give up.

Unless I've counted wrong, that's 24, and this post is already pretty long, so I'm going to stop and do the rest later, probably tomorrow.

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