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Random notes that don't belong anywhere else

  • Christmas was fun after all. I can't really explain why, but I just randomly started feeling "festive" on Christmas Eve, and went back to "normal" on Boxing Day.
  • Wikipedia says it's a running joke that cracker jokes aren't funny, so it must be true. Can't say I'd argue. The toys are also pretty random, but I suppose that's part of the fun. One cracker contained a mini water pistol, which admittedly wasn't the best thing to be in my possession on the least mature day of the year.
  • I just thought - if you get addicted to Christmas leftovers and then try to quit, is that called Cold Turkey Cold Turkey?
  • So this domain name is four years old today. A lot's happened, including about a year of it displaying nothing but a flashing background with a silly noise. That was probably my best content yet.
  • Relatives insist on asking how I'm doing at school. Which reminds me of exams in two weeks. Which kinda spoils things a bit.
  • I need a proper New Year's Resolution. Any suggestions?

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