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Surpass: omgwtf?

So I noticed I'd hardly posted anything under the webhosting tag for two years. I thought for a bit, and there's a pretty simple reason: I haven't had enough to complain about.

I won't say I've had no problems since I moved to Surpass Hosting in 2004, but when I did they've been able to sort them out, even the really ugly routing issue that turned out to be an AboveNet problem. I can vaguely remember this server being down once, and it wasn't for long.

Anyway, here's where I'd normally turn round and say something negative. But I won't, 'cause they just continue to amaze. They recently redesigned their site and upped the hosting plans along with it. The plan I'm on (OC5) was pretty good value at $59(~£30)/year for 5GB space and 100GB/month bandwidth, and now it'll have ten times as much space and twenty times the bandwidth.

I don't know how that can make commercial sense, and I don't know if I'll ever actually need all that, but even if I don't I can still take advantage of the fact the new plan is slightly cheaper. And has more add-on domains.

Though on the other hand, Numbcast's ambition of breaking my bandwidth limit just got set back a bit... No, Joicey, that's not a new challenge.

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Hi there, I noticed you in my referrals. I'm glad this has brought the spark back the webhosting tag here. =)
We will be making a thorough announcement in the forums soon regarding the space and bandwidth bumps. / Comment from Kayla Fleming on 24 Dec 2006 at 05:01.

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