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The odd one out.

From my ISP's December newsletter:

DATES FOR YOUR DIARY - World AIDS Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day

I was going to hilariously complain about not getting any World AIDS Day presents, but I just realized that's actually a Daily Show reference and I'm not being original (or funny) at all. And anyway, who the hell buys a diary that doesn't already have Christmas in it?

I've been trying to get excited over Christmas this year. Well, trying to try. It's not really working. The most annoying thing is people asking me what I want, and me not being able to give a straight answer. I mean, people want to give me stuff for free for no particular reason, and I don't want anything.

It's not that I'm rejecting materialism on principle or anything like that, it's just I can't think of anything tangible that would improve my life - 'cause as far as physical things go it's pretty good. So over the holiday I'm going to try to get my head straightened out a bit, and figure out what the hell I'm doing. That'd be a good gift to myself, I suppose.

Maybe I do think too much.

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