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Feels like work

Though it feels like I spent most of this weekend asleep, I did get some stuff done. I caught up on most of my homework, then felt the strange urge to do some coding. :/

It's not that I don't like PHP any more. I mean, for all the little ways it annoys me, I abuse it back just as much and still enjoy coding new stuff in it. But it's going slowly, even when it's something I want to finish like the rewrite of this site. Today I wrote some database code that wraps the normal mysql_connect stuff, handles table prefixes, and reports errors. I also used PHP 5's fancy new Iterator stuff to let me loop through results with foreach() like I'm sure Python coders already take for granted.

Still, all the new blog code can do at the moment is list posts and say "zomg hi", so at this rate it'll probably take me a year or two to finish it...

In other timewasting news, I went ahead and added crap snow to, cz.rdmsoft, and even my MySpace profile. I also put Joe's Christmas logo up on, though I'm not totally happy with the code for it yet. I also can't really add any snow 'cause it already has a white background. :(

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Im sorry, but that christmas logo fails. Whats with the scaling on it? / Comment from Gill on 11 Dec 2006 at 18:34.

Improved it now. Well, slightly. / Comment from Robert Marshall / [Admin] on 13 Dec 2006 at 18:28.

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