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Big Failure, Small Victories...

So I styled my MySpace profile by hand. Last I checked, this makes me too much of a Scene kid to be a proper geek, and too much of a geek to be a Scene kid. Well, I'm no stranger to failure, so I thought I might as well do it anyway...

If nothing else, it makes a refreshing change from web design where I'm controlling all the content and keeping the markup clean. I mean, where else can you get a chance to use fun CSS selectors like "td.text table .blacktext12 span"? Or make .orangetext15 black and .redlink blue? Or waste about half an hour getting one image replacement to work?

Nowhere else, apparently, 'cause all the social networks that popped up after MySpace started getting popular decided to clean users' code properly from the start. Sure, it kept them free of JavaScript worms and phishing profiles, but it's really no fun that way.

Anyway, just so I feel slightly less like I'm wasting my life, and in case some random searcher finds it useful, I'm going to paste a couple of random bits of CSS I managed to make work on my profile, after failing to find any similar code via a search (spam spam spam). So feel free to stop reading here, if you haven't already.

Replace Profile Image

This one's fun. I was actually surprised it was possible, given the amount of unrelated things the profile code sticks at the same nesting level with no differences in class. Basically, I wanted the photo displayed at the top of my profile to be different to the one used as an icon on the rest of the site. This CSS ended up working:

td.text img
display: none;
td.text a
display: block;
width: 180px;
height: 135px;
background: url(//;
margin: 5px;
td.text div img,
td.text table img,
.contactTable td a img
display: block;
td.text div a,
td.text table a,
.contactTable td a
background: transparent;
width: auto;
height: auto;
display: inline;
margin: 0;

Hide Blog

MySpace gives every user their own blog. It's kind of like LiveJournal, but worse. Needless to say, I'm happy with the blog I already have, so I didn't want this one. I found plenty of places offering exactly the same code to hide the blog along with the "extended network" banner, but I was already abusing the latter to show a pretty logo, so I came up with this:

td.text table
visibility: hidden;
td.text table table,
td.text table table td.text,
td.text table table td.text table,
td.text table .blacktext12,
td.text table .blacktext12 span
visibility: visible;
background: white url(// top repeat-x;

(This might break combined with other styles, and the background bit will need changing if your profile isn't the same colour as mine.)


I doubt anyone other than me will ever want to use this. The story is, I got jealous of all those people who have flashing adverts in the corner of their profiles saying where they got their layout from, so I made my own:

It's a flashing animation with the text 'If your profile has something flashing up here...' in small text, and 'you fail.' in big text.

<img src="//" alt=fail. class=fail>
<style>.fail { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; }</style>

Randomized Friends List

I don't think anyone will ever care whether they're in my "Top Friends" list or not, but now they won't have to, thanks to Greasemonkey. I just keep randomfriends.user.js installed, and every so often I open the top friends editor and click save.

I would feel sad that I bothered to code such a thing, but I really have no shame, especially not after writing a whole blog post about MySpace.


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