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The Awkward List

I realized I haven't posted much here about my health recently. It's not that I haven't been thinking about it, just that I think this blog is angsty enough as it is. That, and I'm an unemotional git that feels weird when given sympathy...

Anyway, enough of that. Stuff's going well - I saw the bone clinic last month and apparently they're having a meeting this week to decide what to do to my back. There are a few things they could do, one of which has a super-fun Flash animation which makes me glad that whatever they decide, I'll be too drugged up to notice.

Also had a standard checkup at haemotology today, which featured the usual prodding-at-places-for-slightly-longer-than-is-comfortable, but was generally okay. Just need to watch to make sure I'm not losing too much weight, or checking any of the other boxes on the incredibly vague list of symptoms.

The consultant says that regression gets less likely as time goes on, but that fails to fill me with confidence. (I was going to make a comparison to car crashes or something here, but I had a whole lesson on analogies and still suck at them, so I gave up.)

Anyway, I'm now on three-monthly appointments on Fridays instead of two-monthly ones on Wednesdays, or, as the receptionist put it, "off the awkward list". :)

Random side-notes:

  • Nurses are amazing. The phlebotomist managed to remember which arm she took blood from last time, which I suppose is only a 50/50 chance, but it still impressed me.
  • The "Medical" section of the page for "regression" helpfully defines it as a "subsidence of the symptoms of a disease" or a "relapse of symptoms". Two meanings for the price of one.
  • The title of the cancer section on my about page is just 'cause I thought it'd be funny to be able to google my casenote number. I do pointless stuff like that.

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