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Still here...

...and /really/ just posting for the sake of it now. Lists are fun:

  • On a purely selfish level, ignoring everybody else, this week was great. That is, unless you believe some bullshit that says I'm getting straight Es, which none of my teachers seem to. (I'll probably post more about that later.)

    Of course life's not actually that simple, so this week was pretty mixed.

  • ChatZilla development is picking up a bit, though not due to me. Judging by the bug list, 0.9.76 shouldn't be too far off, then I can stop taking the blame for bug 346793.
  • Numbcast is this weekend. I'll be there but probably won't be saying much, which is normal.
  • I said before half term I might do a bit more on the mess of PHP running this site, though I didn't really expect I'd bother. I did end up doing a bit, rewriting my HTTP auth stuff to be less of a hack and fixing some templates. Still, not even the blog works on the new code so I've a long way to go and I don't know if my attention span will last.
  • Note to People Who Know Who They Are:
    • Arguing on the Internet = Fail.
    • MySpace = Fail.
    • Arguing on MySpace = Über Fail.
  • Bonfire Night tomorrow, which seems to be fun for no real reason at all. Go on Beverley Westwood, get cold, say "oooooh" at fireworks a bit, go home. Yay.
  • Update: My <li> styling needs some work.

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Your Alis predictions must be mint :P / Comment from Gill on 04 Nov 2006 at 15:25.

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