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Do I fail yet?

Pathetic web idea #246: Make your site orange and act like you care about halloween.

Anyway, one day left of half term now, and as predicted I didn't really do anything useful. Well, unless you count homework, which I don't.

Also as predicted, the Oxjam concert was well worth going to. Alison Angus win for best abuse of a violin bow, and Lorca win for still playing an amazing set despite the fact everything was running late and nearly everybody had gone home. The next Numbcast is going to be featuring Alison Angus (Birchy + Josh) with an interview and "live" music - a first for Numbcast. Well, unless you count Crap Rap, which I don't.

Overall, the past week has been good, considering... stuff I won't go into. For once I feel like I can easily manage a few more weeks at school, that I can get past the stress that everybody seems to exude, that I can focus on stuff that's worth me changing rather than stuff that I can't.

I honestly don't know if that sounds contrived or not. Maybe the fact that I'm wondering if it's contrived means it is. Some of it is true, at least. I'll see how long it lasts.

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