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Half-term todo

Still working on the (pretty flawed) logic that if I write down stuff I'm more likely to do it:

  • School stuff
    • Got homework in physics, maths, and chemistry. Nothing too difficult, just a load of "stick these numbers in the formula, only we're not telling you which formula and you'll probably get it all wrong for not realizing we said kilograms anyway". Fun.
    • Need to re-read particle physics notes. I really don't think I understand this stuff and I'm not sure anyone else does...
    • Figure out who I'm going to use as vicitims subjects for my psychology practical. Apparently students are the best choice for lazy researchers, but here that has the slight flaw that nearly everybody is studying psychology themselves.
  • 'Net stuff
    • I think I'm pretty much done with the coding side of now. I have some ideas, like an audio comment system, that rely on having more listeners to be useful so I'm not bothering yet.
    • Might decide to release and document some of the code running, since a few people have been interested in getting XULRunner/Software Update working recently.
    • Should really do some more work on the rewrite of this site's code I started in July and predictably gave up on a bit later.
  • Social stuff
    • Are you kidding?
    • Well, I do have one excuse to leave the house: Oxjam at Memorial Hall tomorrow is going to rock, though whether my ears will agree at the end remains to be seen...
    • Other than that I've nothing planned, and anything else happening relies on teenagers being organized, so I'm not holding my breath. ;)

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