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Numbcast. It's back.

In pretty good time considering my usual level of procrastination, the new Numbcast site is ready for business.

Numbcast is a pointless crap-talking podcast we used to do with Tunnie last year, and for obvious reasons it's been quiet for a while. Then Joe, Smiddy, and Alison recorded a show on Thursday and the rest is... well, the future, I suppose...

The backend code itself uses some file parsing code I first wrote for with extra bits that make it act similarly to the old Numbcast page, but hopefully in a way that's easier to maintain.

Gill and Joe helped with the design, and I used my scary experience of CSS floats and IE bugs to make it all work. I was resisting using gradient fills initially, but now that I tried them I quite like the look.

Stuff that's still on my todo list is getting email addresses set up, making some profiles for presenters, and making the fancy collapsing shownotes work in IE.

I also just realized that most of this post makes no grammatical sense whatsoever, but I can't be arsed fixing that.

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