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Not got much to do. Sixth form's just about becoming routine now. Other stuff I'm doing:

  • Making a few minor edits to my about page, and adding a really crap photo to it.
  • Catching up on my feeds. Pretty hard to do that from school, since they seem to have randomly blocked half the sites I read. :|
  • Posting a minor ChatZilla patch for a bug that was my fault anyway, and waiting for another thing that was my fault to get fixed in a release. Isn't software fun?
  • Watching with a total lack of surprise as the new Firefox theme* landed on trunk and two things happened which I'd been expecting from the start. Meh, not my problem.
  • Thinking about writing some more useful ChatZilla Plugins now that Gijs Kruitbosch removed my excuse for staying away from stuff that touches menus. I particularly want to write a plugin for BitlBee, because whilst it's nice to have IM contacts looking like a standard IRC channel, I do miss having easy menu access to start group chats, etc.. I'll need to think about it a bit more.
  • Also to do with BitlBee, just found an interesting-looking patch that adds a couple more MSN features. Need to see if it compiles on Windows.
  • Declaring "Internet-scale silliness" my phrase of the week. That is all.

*Incidentally, what's up with glass effects? I've always thought they looked like the result of somebody trying to fit a gradient fill into a 256 colour palette, personally. I guess it's just me that wants to pay more attention to websites than what the shading effect on the back button is...

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