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One week in...

...which is longer than I lasted in 2005, so I suppose everything from here is profit.

Lessons are reasonable so far, people are cool, and teachers' jokes... haven't changed*. I think I can manage this.

  • Maths is a lot of [home]work, but I guess I'm lucky that I find it relatively easy. There's still a load of new stuff I don't have a clue about.
  • Chemistry and Physics are okayish, but when they're next to each other on my timetable and both teaching the same thing with different... uh... nomenclature, it hurts.
  • Psychology really does seem to start off as it means to go on (hard), but I think I have just the right amount of warped cynicism to be interested in it.
  • The "enrichment option" is stereotypically "not a real subject", but all the choices look like a lot of work. Critical Thinking itself is a full AS level, helpfully taught in half the number of lessons as the other subjects. Somewhat like Psychology, I probably find it interesting because I like proving people wrong. ;)

*Well, at least not for the better. Heh.

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