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Happy Birthday, have a questionnaire on me.

Happy vBulletin Forum Birthday Reminder Day to me.

I got a birthday card and letter from Graham Stuart, MP for Beverley and Holderness. The 18th birthday card shows a night view of London with the Palace of Westminster's clock tower illuminated. The letter is on House of Commons headed paper:

Dear Mr Marshall

As your MP I am determined to make sure that the views of young people are heard and not ignored. Whatever your political allegiances please let me know how you think our area and our country could be improved so that I can better represent your views.

Please take five minutes to complete the survey on the back of this sheet...

Being serious for a minute (and by "serious" I mean the "Monster Raving Loonies won our school election" kind of serious), I think this kind of thing is generally positive. It does tend to infer, though, that my opinion didn't matter before today... meh, thought that counts.

Then there's this MPact thing that loses points for being on MySpace in the first place, not to mention trying to play Coldplay at me. Oh, and the URL was wrong in the letter. I think I'll pass.

One of the questions read 'What is you [sic] opinion on University students in England and Wales being charged £3,000 a year in top-up fees?', with the choices For, Against, and Unsure. I chose 'Against' and wrote 'duh.' under it.

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you wouldnt have added that mpact thing to your myspace friends list would you? / Comment from Smiddy on 12 Sep 2006 at 20:57.

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