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Current distractions

  • Finished off the ChatZilla patch for NAMESX I'd been sitting on for ages.
  • Played a fair bit of Scorched3D. Since I last played there's been visual updates and some pretty interesting mods added.
  • Managed to get the latest release of BitlBee to compile under Cygwin. Their news page is currently sporting the old "X before Windows Vista/Duke Nukem Forever/Debian Sarge" line, though since X is MSN file transfer support I think I'll let them off. :)
  • Got search fully working on my new RdMise code. I'm now using Yahoo!'s serialized PHP output, as a workaround for XML in PHP sucking so much.
  • Tried to reduce my information overload a bit by setting Thunderbird to check for mail less often and unsubscribing from some blogs/podcasts/newsgroups. Limited success so far...
  • Dug up a half-finished PHP project I hadn't touched since January. I'll probably just give it up again, but it's worth a try.

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