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I'm going to be starting sixth form (again) in September. It'll be strange being effectively a year lower, but it's not like there's much else I can do...

I picked Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Psychology. Mainly because those were the only subjects left on the form after I'd crossed out the ones that I'd hate to study for a week, never mind two years.

Also, I just remembered that I got rid of the closest thing this site had to actual information about me (that paragraph in the sidebar), so a proper "about" page is on my todo list.

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You'll grow to love it, it is good fun. Fingers crossed you wont get Eastwood for 2 years like i did...Oh and there is someone else going back a year aswell, you could be best mates. Think how cool you'll be when you can drink and drive (not at the same time) a year before everyone else :D / Comment from Gill on 18 Jul 2006 at 10:11.

Gill, has a point about driving and stuff, you can jsut point and laugh. :) anyway we'll have to meet you at lunch and stuff on the crossover days etc. :) / Comment from Joe on 19 Jul 2006 at 11:07.

everyone will be your friend if you can buy beer for them, and we will have to meet you at lunch, and well have more free periods, so we could go round to the other school then too :) / Comment from Smiddy on 20 Jul 2006 at 16:57.

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