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Dead Air

So I didn't post anything for a bit.

I'd like to say I was doing lots of productive stuff, but, well, meh. Closest things to that have been:

  • Getting bug 339213 fixed for XULRunner
  • Releasing my XULRunner version of ChatZilla 0.9.74 with update support, which will make things much easier for people once is out.
  • Writing a new ChatZilla plugin (TinyURL). Doing that reminded me how much fun working with ChatZilla is, at least compared to other programming.
  • Playing around with creating XPCOM components. I got one working, though I really don't understand linking yet.
  • Starting on a new website style. Yes, I finally got bored of this one. Especially this font. After about 18 months going through minor changes and making it uglier each time, I decided to rewrite the CSS from scratch. I'll post more about it later.

It's weird. It sometimes seems like the longer I leave this blog without posting, the harder it is to figure out what to post when I do start again. I suppose I can post what I like, but it still feels strange.

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Some people like to break the silence with meaningless posts along the lines of "HAY GUYZ WATS GOING ON"...
Why do you insist on doing it the hard way? / Comment from D: on 29 Jun 2006 at 15:35.

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