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ChatZilla/XULRunner progress

Recent stuff related to those packages:

  • The next version of Debian XULRunner should support ChatZilla. Things are a bit slow because there hasn't been a release since, which is also annoying due to bug 318419.
  • The new "Add-on manager" UI landed in Toolkit (part of the code shared by Firefox, Thunderbird, and XULRunner) on trunk and 1.8 branch. If you use nightly builds, the extension manager in ChatZilla might behave a little odd, but it should still work.
  • I added a warning to the page for Mac users that their platform (or at least, Mozilla on that platform) works differently to others so I can't support it.
  • XULRunner (if it's ever officially released) will support Software Update for XULRunner apps. A few minutes ago I got the machinery working to produce .mar files, still "to do" is the server bit and a new menu item. Forget I said that, it's broken like everything else.

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