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The naked <body>

Bandwagon of the day: CSS Naked Day. Basically, a few hundred sites are going without CSS for a day and the visitors get to see if they're still remotely usable. Two things:

  • My logo is still an <img>. It used to have the word "rdmsoft" in it, which made it content, but if I can be bothered I'll try to find a way of getting the image there (and keeping it clickable) without extra markup. Most likely I'll leave it as it is - it works.
  • My tabs script (as used on updates) adds links that do nothing. Whilst "CSS off, JS on" is most likely an edge case of edge cases, I'm open to suggestions...

⇐09 Apr 2006 - Numbcast mirror / 01 Apr 2006 - Great minds?⇒


Very good idea, but i wont be bothering :) / Comment from Gill on 05 Apr 2006 at 19:10.

its usable, if a little boring / Comment from Smiddy on 05 Apr 2006 at 22:26.

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