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Great minds?

Note: the whole site was pink at the time this was posted. As was Slashdot.

Hmm, looks like Slashdot had the same idea as me, and they probably executed it better. Except for the font. I win on the font. The end.

Meh, I suppose I don't even have to bother writing up a sarcastic explanation now, I can just point to theirs and be done.

Other things I was planning on posting about but didn't bother writing up properly include Options Options, a critical Firefox 2 feature included at last minute to avoid losing half the browser's market share to Opera. It looks like this:

It's a dialog with a variety of unnecessary options. The first tab 'Global', one of 7, allows users to set the tabs of the options dialog to appear at the top, left, bottom, right, or centre of the dialog. Users can also pick which tab is shown when the dialog is opened, whether they are prompted for confirmation when it closes, and which menus the options menu item appears on. Finally, the dialog includes an 'Options Options Options...' button.

Good morning.

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yer i saw slashdot this morning, omg ponies!!1! and yes, the font does win - giggle / Comment from Gill on 01 Apr 2006 at 15:37.

Surprisingly difficult to do Firefox parody: someone who's still fighting the "good" fight to have the old options dialog back was asking for Options Options just last week. I saw someone else's "Google buys Mozilla" 1 April post saying that Google's Safe Browsing extension would be built in, which makes for a very subtle joke if the author actually knows that it's already in the tree, just not being built by default yet. / Comment from Phil Ringnalda on 01 Apr 2006 at 16:45.

Heh, it was slightly inspired by that thread. Though the guy was just asking for one option, slippery slope and all that... :) / Comment from Robert Marshall / [Admin] on 01 Apr 2006 at 19:08.

"China Buys Google" XD - the latest one atm / Comment from Gill on 01 Apr 2006 at 20:02.

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