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Meh, ChatZilla Stuff again

  • 0.9.72 was released, and on time, which is nice.
  • Three of the things I mentioned in my other post are now fixed.
  • I tried to make a ChatZilla XPI that worked equally well with all of Firefox/SeaMonkey/XULRunner, but it didn't work. Anybody else who has a clue, you're welcome to do it for me...
  • I have a review? patch on bug 307774 which should make 0.9.73.
  • Speaking of 0.9.73, bug 27807 and friends (network/server list editing) are up for that release. Not sure who's going to do the code, but I'm thinking about it and I'll probably dump some stuff on the wiki later.

Just another quick plug - if you use anything on, check the updates page. There's a feed you can subscribe to, as a live bookmark, or whatever, to, well, keep updated...

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