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ChatZilla Nits

There are little inconsistencies in all programs that are annoying, but not annoying enough to warrant complaining about them. Still, if only subconsciously, they detract from the user experience.

Because I'm in a position to actually fix them, I'm going to list my personal ChatZilla nits that I scribbled down last night in about 5 minutes:

  1. The scope of the options on the View menu isn't clear. Most are global, Header is view-specific, and Timestamps applies to the current view and all child views. Once the timestamp code is fixed so that a global change doesn't rape so much CPU, evrything should probably be global.
  2. When editing the topic, there's no Paste on the context menu. Adding it is easy, but I'd like to just make it have the standard textbox menu if possible. Bonus points: I'd like to be able to drag-and-drop to it.
  3. The logfile prefs are confusing. If I go to edit the log file name for a network view, it shows as "$(network).2006-03-01.log". If I edit the pref to "$(network)-$y-$m-$d.txt", then none of the normal substitution happens and that's the exact file name that is used.
  4. Help menu isn't very helpful. First requirement: stuff to put on it.
  5. irc.js refers to ChatZilla prefs once. So does dcc.js, but I'm not sure if that matters.
  6. /mode +b and /mode +e produce ugly output with numerics, repeated channel names, and timestamps.

    I'd prefer something like Nick banned *!*@ from #chan at 19:01 on Sunday [Unban] (with, obviously, the [Unban] missing if I'm not halfop or above).

  7. Some networks have massive MOTDs, and ChatZilla puts each line in a seperate element. This is very slow, and I want to see if it can be improved.

    If not, how about a pref to hide the motd unless it changed since last time? Is that at all feasible?

  8. The new menus have mostly grown on me, but I still find myself going into User Commands when I want an operator command. The submenus just get too fiddly. At least for the userlist menu, where's there's space, the popups shouldn't be used.
  9. Not a nit, just something I'd like to do if I'm allowed: land bits of my xrmake changes so that, even if it isn't on in the official builds, trunk can produce XPIs suitable for SeaMonkey, Firefox 1-2, and XULRunner 1.8.

Advance warning: I'm probably going to file bugs on most of these soon. Comments welcome demanded. :P

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