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  • Technorati still won't quit showing my test WordPress installation in its results. It seems to have filtered out this blog now, evidently I'm duplicate content and WordPress blogs are So Much Better.

    *le sigh*... What's the use of all this Web 2.0 crap if I still have to use manual coding to keep a search engine away?

  • Netscape Browser 8.1 was released. I can't really tell what's new, since just about everything on the website except the vaguely-worded release notes page redirects to the download screen, proudly displaying this small print:

    Whats Included in the Download? Installation may include Netscape 8.1 Browser, Netscape ISP, McAfee, Rhapsody, Real Arcade and WeatherBug.

    I'm absolutely outraged! They missed an apostrophe.


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