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Getting cynical...

The current trend in browsers seems to be close-buttons-on-tabs, instead of a single close button. When I last tried Opera 8 and Netscape 8 I didn't like them, and now Firefox 2 and IE7β2 have them. I could say the world is against me, but that'd be a slight exaggeration. Besides, I can always flip some prefs like I'm used to, right?

------- Comment #5 From Mike Connor 2006-01-21 15:49 PST -------
The old behaviour will be available as a pref.


------- Comment #7 From Ben Goodger 2006-01-21 23:53 PST -------
This sounds like bloat. -> extension.

Uhh... okay.

The danger of extensions

I've been concerned for a while about the quality of Firefox extensions [...]

[...] I worry that the Mozilla community is staking too much of its communal reputation on something that the community as a whole has too little control over.


So Firefox is left cleaner, with end-users installing unreviewed, bloated, leaky extensions just to get back the behaviour they were used to. And who gets blamed when things go wrong? Clue: the name's in the title bar.

Progress? Bleh. I'm really not sure anymore.

Edit: Oh, and now there's a bug that's both blocking-firefox2+ and WONTFIX. That's just silly.

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