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Ah, "stuff". The last resort of someone who can't quite be bothered to write separate posts about things.

  • I landed my code updates here. Not surprisingly, I broke it at first.
  • New year, uh, happened. I suppose I celebrated it, if looking up from a book and pretending to pretend to know the words to Auld Lang Syne counts.
  • Got the spam pretty much under control. Another spammer popped up at 1am on the 1st, but they had a static IP so they weren't that interesting. Thought a bit more about writing something so I don't have to modify the code every time spam changes, but I still probably won't bother.
  • Made some pointless things (1 2 3) with HTML and CSS. They work with Mozilla, and probably nothing else.
  • Got my WordPress installation working how I want it. To do: upgrade to 2.0 once FeedWordPress is compatible, install Referrer Karma and find out why it hates my feed reader so much.
  • Tried upgrading a MediaWiki installation I have. Failed with a database error, gave up at the sight of the size of the code.
  • ChatZilla stuff: Did some more poking into bug 291386. Didn't find much. Also started writing a patch for DCC auto-accept.

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those pointless things were -made- for people like me :D / Comment from Smiddy on 04 Jan 2006 at 22:24.

IT'S A TRAP. / Comment from Kinfa on 09 Jan 2006 at 18:35.

I spelt my name wrong. This makes me sad :( / Comment from Kniaf on 09 Jan 2006 at 18:40.

Win xoxo and get million dolla! / Comment from Emb on 09 Jan 2006 at 18:44.

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