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Nearly there.


  • RdSplay code de-uglification, part 1. Fixed one of the three XHTML errors I know about and made it possible to embed a feed item list anywhere (another page, sidebar, even this post if I wanted to).
  • pArse update for Atom titles.
  • Minor addition to RdPress: a last comment link, added to the home sidebar.
  • RdMise Auth logout code: it's not pretty, but basically it keeps sending 401 responses until invalid or no login info is sent.
  • Made paths try matching case-insensitively. If that succeeds, the browser gets sent a redirect. Still not perfect, needs debugging. Works.

Still to do

  • Fix at least one more bit of invalid XHTML (the menu on pages with child nodes that are hidden causes an empty <ul>).
  • Make stuff work better with the new auth code.
  • Last-minute porting over of the anti-spam code.

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