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Sometimes, I hate being right...

[27/12/2005 15:16] <tH> hmm
[27/12/2005 15:16] <tH> yesterday, the spammers started limiting themselves to one link per post
[27/12/2005 15:17] <tH> but i already had their domain blocked so none got thorough :)
[27/12/2005 15:17] <DreamEater> so they are watching your site then
[27/12/2005 15:17] <tH> no spam for 24 hours now, so either they've given up or they're going to try to catch me off guard in a few day's time

Well, it wasn't a few days, but sure enough, 68 comments just got through whilst I was eating. Spam deleted, blocks improved, and the cycle starts again. Yawn.

⇐29 Dec 2005 - More irritation / 27 Dec 2005 - Fixes and workarounds⇒


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