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Fixes and workarounds

A few changes on ╬▓:

  • Made the top level navigation show across the whole site.
  • Gave in and added the live bookmark icon to the feed links. Decided to keep them orange. Made the main link huge, adding another rule to the IE-only stylesheet in the process.
  • Replaced the →/⇐/⇒ entities with the numeric versions, which is a good idea in general and a workaround for a Thunderbird 1.0 bug. I also made this change here after being reminded by Hannibal.
  • Worked around a bug in my phone's browser's support for HTTP Auth. (It wouldn't accept algorithm=MD5, only the incorrect algorithm="MD5". Solution: realize algorithm defaults to MD5 anyway and remove it.)
  • Fixed a bug in my parsing of the Authorization header. Augmented BNF makes my head hurt.

Login working on my phone is the last thing I want to fix before putting the new code on the real site, and I'll check that again once I actually have some credit. :/

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blog 27 jest super , a tendupek przeszkodził im / Comment from julita on 28 May 2006 at 08:34.

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