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RdMise 1.1 (odd=development) is up at β The code has not changed very much in the past 3 months, and it's running off the same database, however there are several reasons I'm doing this now:

  • I'm playing with an IDN to get the β in there. However:
    • IDNs don't work in IE.
    • Since that whole spoofing thing, at least Mozilla and Konqueror don't trust IDNs in .com (I checked Opera 9tp1, and .com isn't on the whitelist, but my IDN seems to work anyway :/). If you want, you can create a boolean pref in Firefox called "" and set it to true, or mess with the KDE_USE_IDN variable, but it's probably not a good idea to trust the whole of .com just so I can have a pretty URL.
    • RdMise doesn't have a clue about IDNs, so it uses the xn--nxa address whenever it needs the hostname. I doubt this will actually be a problem, though I haven't read any specs yet.
  • The new template/style (menu in top-right, but after main content in the code) needs testing, particularly on my phone. I also don't know if the login will work.
  • The TV guide is disabled (and has no database), but I want to get it running on this server soon.
  • All requests to that subdomain (except /robots.txt and /favicon.ico) go through the script. I decided against this when I first put up, opting for /r/ instead. I want to see what problems, if any, it causes.

I know there are still some links pointing to /dlfs/ and /imgs/ that won't work on β, but please let me know if you see any other problems.

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