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  • Update my CZ/XR patch. The zip download's already updated to 0.9.69, but I need to fix a few prefs in the patch and make it zip automatically.
  • Add UI for the ChatZilla source search.
  • Rewrite my IdentD plugin so it has per-network settings. I don't think plugins can have per-network prefs, so I'll probably use an array and save to either a single pref or a text file.
  • Add "starring" to my TV guide app with some DHTMLAJAXBBQ™, then upload a test copy of RdMise to see if I've broken anything yet.
  • Stop procrastinating and code a proper solution to invalid XML in blog posts. Also, maybe change the font so I don't keep typing <Ii> instead of <li>.
  • Get PHP to compile and APD to work.

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