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Meh, stats.

Exactly a year ago, I posted some site statistics. I kept analyzing them for a bit, then got bored, but I figured I might as well have a look at last month's stats and see how things have changed in a year.

Operating System

AWStats for last month came up with around 35% unknown for OS and browser stats, so I've decided to ignore those hits for these purposes.

  • 87.5% Windows XP and 2003
  • 5.5% Older Windows
  • 3.4% Linux
  • 2.3% (Free|Open)BSD
  • 1.2% Mac OS X
  • 0.1% OS/2

Windows XP numbers are up, at least compared to older Windows. Both Linux and FreeBSD came higher than OS X, which doesn't really surprise me. (Hello, OS/2 users.)


Minor browsers ignored, inaccurate, skewed, yadda yadda...

  • 39.9% Firefox 1.5
  • 26.8% Firefox 1.0
  • 6.5% Mozilla Suite
  • 0.2% Netscape 7/8
  • 20.8% Internet Explorer 6/7
  • 2.5% Internet Explorer 5
  • 1.6% Netscape 4
  • 1.2% Opera
  • 0.4% Safari
  • 0.1% Konqueror

Firefox 1.5 being the most popular browser seems strange (It was only released on the 30th) until you take into account that the three release candidates were (correctly) labelled as 1.5. I also had a few hits from 1.4.1 (1.5 beta) and 1.6a1 (trunk nightly build) which are basically the same, so I counted those as 1.5.

Of the Firefox 1.0 visitors, 85% were using the latest security update (1.0.7). It'll be interesting to see how long it takes before Firefox 1.0.x becomes ignorable, from a web design point of view.

Nothing surprising here, except maybe Netscpe 4 beating Opera, and Mozilla Suite being higher than usual. I don't know if AWStats recognizes SeaMonkey yet, I'm presuming either no visitors used it, or it got counted as Mozilla Suite.


Referrer spam is up. A certain feed directory which I won't name is my top non-human source of referrer headers, requesting my feed 200 times whilst advertising its own URL. Malice or incompetance, I'm not really bothered.

About 7% of visitors get here via a search engine, and last month about 1 in 10 of those got here by searching for [firefox 1.0.8], which I haven't written about, and doesn't exist yet. Still, that doesn't stop me being the first result on Google. :|

I haven't bothered looking through the full list, but I'm happy in the knowledge that my website is helping a few people per month uninstall Windows Media Player and find out how crap Sony music players are (Sidenote: What's the plural of Walkman? Walkmans?). Somebody also got here because they wanted to find out what the "useless flag" does in BZFlag. Y'know, I thought that was obvious...


About 80 hits per day, which is bigger than before. How many are humans and how many people actually read the content, I obviously can't tell.


That's about it for now. I recently noticed I was in the top 10 on Google for my own name, which is a more or less difficult thing to achieve depending on your name. I know "Robert" is very common, and "Marshall" isn't rare, but it's at least better than, say, "Smith". :P

Oh, and third for [crap snow]. How depressing/appropriate.

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