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Firefox 1.0 Preview Release

Indeed, out today is a new version of arguably the best browser in the history of the Interweb.

Mozilla Firefox is a free web browser from the Mozilla Foundation. It's got tabbed browsing, smart popup blocking, and built-in Google search.

The latest version also includes "Live Bookmarks", which allow you to subscribe to news and weblog updates. New items appear just like bookmarks, giving you all the information you want in one place.

Firefox also tends to be a lot more secure than, say, Internet Explorer, partially due to its open source nature. With wider access to the code, more people find minor problems and report them before they are released.

And this openness is why I love Firefox. I can do what I like with my browser. I can add on loads of extensions, tweak tiny settings, and recode the whole thing. Or I can download the browser and just use it.

Want to try it? Get Firefox!

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