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ChatZilla Stuff

ChatZilla 0.9.69 should be out soon, the first real new release since March. It includes one patch by me (to fix the -chat command-line flag for Firefox 1.5).

ReadMe fixed shortcut keys, sp3k added an infinite connection retries mode, and Hannibal and Silver did far too much to mention. You'll see it all when it's ready, which should be this Sunday, December 4th.

My source viewer now shows up-to-date trunk, and should be refreshing daily thanks to the magic of cron, cvs, and php (previously I was generating the highlighting and search index at home, and uploading it all to the server, which was less than optimal). Trunk is currently marked as 0.9.67+, but as far as I understand, it's very close to what will be released as 0.9.69.

ChatZilla-related items on my todo list at the moment: fix the source viewer CSS, rewrite the IdentD, update XULRunner patch, and then maybe get round to actually working on ChatZilla itself...

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