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Google Sitemaps Updates

Fairly recently, I quietly addeed a Google Sitemap to this site. The final bit of motivation I needed, after being unsure back in June, was being able to see errors raised by Googlebot in the process of crawling my site.

And now Google's made the deal even better: I can verify my site ownership, and see search query information, page type analysis, and PageRank information (some medium, mostly low, by the way).

I think the most interesting thing about these changes is the query stats: not only can you see which queries cause your pages to appear in results, you can also see which results people clicked. Although I usually get this information from server logs, it's interesting to see Google revealing more information about other people's searching. Cue conspiracy theories...

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I hav no idea wht any of tht means...but whey up Marshall! / Comment from Griff on 18 Nov 2005 at 20:41.

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