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Fahrenheit 9/11

I finally got around to seeing Fahrenheit 9/11. In case you've been living under a rock or something, it's basically an anti-Bush documentary by Michael Moore.

I found it funny. And, in parts, thought-provoking. I'm not so sure about claims that it's manipulative and deceitful. Moore shows extremes rather than what might be the average situation, but this is done for a reason. He's trying to shock the audience, and in cases get a laugh, it keeps people interested.

Moore is relying on the audience to understand when he's exaggerating and to understand why he's exaggerating. I don't know about the average American journalist, but I could tell.

The point is, even if you ignore the humour and the occasional biased sample, he still has a point. A very strong argument, and one which I think everyone should listen to, whether they agree or not.

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I am someone who finds these things funny, but completely disagre, well not disagree but not really have a side on, "Oh, ony blair and bush are evil and lie ...blah blah blah" Its all crap / Comment from AD4M on 30 Oct 2004 at 21:30.

That's what I think the danger is - that many people who speak against Bush just sound like lunatics. However, many don't and are making a lot of sense. / Comment from Robert Marshall / [Admin] on 02 Nov 2004 at 09:32.

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