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More plotting

As I said before, there are still things I want in my TV guide that aren't started or planned in any great detail yet. I want:

  • UI to delete channels, and possibly stop them from appearing again even if they're still in a datasource.
  • Cleanup routine to get rid of old listings and channels that are no longer available.
  • UI to re-order channels, preferably with fancy scripting.
  • Simple "watchlist" of programme names, automatically starring them when found.
  • More complicated watchlist, per channel rules, etc..

Today I wrote the little bit of code that creates the listing pages and sets their titles, and started the hard bit: the listings themselves.

Horizontal space will be limited on listings pages, so I've written stuff to split the channels into groups based on a "maximum columns" setting. It works so far, though I only have two channels in the database at the moment.

Once they're split into groups, I need to get the listings from the database and generate nice HTML with all the times lined up. A good chance to re-learn tables...

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