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Extending the extension

I tried a while back to get the Extension Manager to work with ChatZilla on XULRunner. I failed. Well, Mook actually bothered to read the source, and it turns out I wasn't far off. One line missing in the ini, which isn't documented yet.

So far I've installed ConsoleĀ² and Nightly Tester Tools. I'll probably look at getting MinimizeToTray or EditCSS to work next.

Anyway, I've updated the CVS patch on my XULRunner page so it builds a package that works on current builds, plays nicely with the extension manager, and has an application.ini instead of one of those nasty custom names...

Opening the Extension Manager is as simple as running the ChatZilla command /eval openDialog("chrome://mozapps/content/extensions/extensions.xul?type=extensions"). At the moment I'm making it simpler using this ChatZilla plugin, which I plan to rewrite as an extension.


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Yay, stuff going into places where they might actually stay (i.e. not my blog) :)
This is weird too... I figure out how to get extensions working in CZ, and one of the first mentioned is... MinimizeToTray? That's just confusing, I swear :p / Comment from Mook on 16 Nov 2005 at 01:49.

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