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1.2: Stuff I want.

  • New style system, and a new template/stylesheet that solves a few accessibility issues. This is mostly done, I just need to extend it to support media types (and add a stylesheet for printing).
  • An easier way for apps to support cache validation (Entity tags/304 responses).
  • Use templates more in RdPress.
  • Support for HTTP Authentication (401, etc.) for simpler login and the possibility of private RSS feeds.
  • A basic HTML scraper in RdSplay, for those stubborn sites. I'll also add RSS3 support if I'm bored enough.
  • Better paging on search results, and term highlighting.
  • More anti-spam code. I'm thinking at least a referrer blacklist and automatic IP blocking.

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Minor change time

Made the Atom output code use XHTML only if the post is actually well-formed, so I look like slightly less of an idiot. (I thin... / Trackback from Blog on 14 Jul 2006 at 14:27.

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