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Day 7

It's been almost a week, which means it's just over a week until the next lot of Chemotherapy. I've stopped taking most of the drugs, but tomorrow I start getting G-CSF injections to make sure I don't die of a cold, or something like that.

How am I feeling? Bored. I keep thinking about going back to school, but, being realistic, I still can't walk very fast and stairs hate me. I haven't really looked at any work, though I suppose it'd be a good idea...

In computer news, I caught up with my feeds, got further behind with my podcasts, and launched Opera only to get annoyed and close it again. I've added blog archive links to the bottom of the home page, but I'm not sure whether I like them.

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(I would have numbered the days starting with Day 0, but that's not the way the doctors do it. :| ) / Comment from Robert Marshall / [Admin] on 28 Sep 2005 at 13:23.

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