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The other stuff

  • I'm being far too lazy with Podsnatcher, and yet I still managed to plan out more features. I'll eventually add some buttons to the Items tab to play/copy/download/delete multiple items at once, since having to click a lot is one of my iPodder annoyances. Once I've done that and, the prefs, and the feed add/remove stuff, I should release.
  • RdMise/RdPress work great on my phone, all things considered. But there are still a lot of things I need to fix:
    • The sidebars get in the way, especially on the home page. They should be at the bottom of the page code, with a link to skip to them.
    • Same thing for the search box. And <button> doesn't work in the Openwave browser.
    • The form to add a blog entry is right below the "Blog Archive" blurb. It should be moved up or given a page of its own, at least when I'm logged in.
    • Sometimes I have to scroll down a long way just to see if what I posted worked. The admin stuff should report success/failure in the page title.
    • It's still not obvious enough how to find the sixth most recent post. I need a link to this month's archive on the home page.
    • I need a non-admin "last X feedback" page.
  • I should release my code.

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