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Today's score

28 tablets, 1 needles. A slight change (improvement?) from yesterday's 31/2. Meh, and I haven't even started the chemo yet...

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well as i said yesterday, get well soon and the best of luck with everything.
ps. #blamethepixel has moved to just so you know when you come back :) / Comment from Dave (DreamEater) on 18 Sep 2005 at 14:46.

I've no idea if you even read these comments, but if you can then get well soon mate.
Glad to see you're keeping upbeat, chemo sounds like some scary shit.
Isnt there a rule about mobile phones in hospitals though?
also, tatoo? / Comment from Glen on 19 Sep 2005 at 01:23.

I'm trying to, it's just hard on this screen. The tatoo is pretty boring, just three dots so they can line up the radiation. And I dunno why, but mobiles are allowed on this ward. / Comment from Robert Marshall / [Admin] on 19 Sep 2005 at 07:50.

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