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I'm an ex-customer of...

It's been a long time since I registered this domain. In fact, it was almost two years ago, just after Christmas 2002. FreeServe, my ISP at the time, was selling domains in partnership with, and had a special offer of £24 a year with the second year free. Incidentally, was taken over early in 2003 by VeriSign, and I became a customer of a VeriSign company called AMEN (yes, they are French, and their slogan is the incredibly cheesy "In web we trust").

As I'm looking at the AMEN homepage, it's showing an advert including the logo of a French telecom company called Wanadoo, which later took over FreeServe (who rebranded as "freeserve"), and just recently got rid of the FreeServe name altogether, mainly because the service they now encourage you to buy most has nothing free about it.

But that didn't matter, because I'd already moved to Karoo, a local ISP who hold something of a monopoly on dial-up Internet and broadband in the Hull area.

So, back to 2002. My domain was a redirect to an account on Brinkster, who used to be called eWebCity. They provided no-ads Windows hosting at no cost, which was useful as I knew ASP.

I got bored of their instability and crappy ASP support, so I bought hosting from Qbic (a reseller for services from DonHost) after a month or two. However, I eventually got bored of their instability and crappy ASP support, so I learnt PHP and bought a Linux account from Silvernet UK in November 2003. A few months ago, Silvernet was taken over by Transnexis, who used to be called CodeRedHosting. And this hosting expires soon, so I might move again.

Can you remember who holds my domain name? AMEN? VeriSign? Network Solutions? Well it's actually all three, but I'm not going to bother explaining that. Fact is, AMEN wanted a £24.99/year renewal fee, and they're not getting it. I just renewed transferred to PlanetDomain for £4.90. Bargain.

And PlanetDomain happens to be owned by an Australian ISP called Primus. I'm tired now.

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DARKEN HOSTING!!!! All problems solved :P / Comment from AD4M on 26 Oct 2004 at 11:49.

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