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I'm bored. Gonna just call this 1.0.

It doesn't necessarily have everything I was planning to add, but I'm finally happy with it, which is good enough.

Next? Better use of templates in RdPress, new stylesheet code, view source for RdCode, RSS3 parsing and HTML scraping in RdSplay, some more advanced spam protection, and support for HTTP authentication. If I care enough when the time comes, that is.

I'm considering releasing the code, but I'm not sure if its worth the bother. I highly doubt anybody else is going to set up a whole site, but at the same time bits of my code might be useful. Any thoughts?

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Like you said, i doubt many people will use it for creating an entire website, but it may be a useful learning tool.
Dont forget to throw a licence on it - dont want people nicking it and selling it as their own :) / Comment from Glen on 02 Sep 2005 at 12:02.

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