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Suck Fony: SonicStage = Arse

My sister bought a Sony MP3 player. Oh the horror.

When I bought my iAUDIO, I plugged it in to the computer, dragged some MP3 files to the hard drive icon, and unplugged it. If only Sony could understand the benefits of simplicity. When you get the MP3* player, you're expected to install SonicStage. It requires "200MB or more" disk space. The player itself is only 256MB. :|

That, and it's not supported on non-Windows, "personally constructed PCs", operating systems that have been upgraded, dual boot systems, or multi-monitor systems. And they don't guarantee "trouble-free operation of the system suspend, sleep or hibernation function".

I watched as the CD loaded and proceeded to shove various crap around the hard disk. I tried to smile as it installed the OMG (OpenMG Driver), but it just wasn't funny. The install finished, forced me to reboot, I double-clicked one of my five new desktop icons, and it crashed.

I reinstalled it, this time being a nice boy and making sure I closed all programs and disabled my firewall (I gave up trying to find the virus check software that the manual told me I had to close). Still no good. Installed it on another computer that I "hadn't been messing with", and it still crashed.

So, I gave up, uninstalled the three items it had put in Add/Remove Programs. And removed the four folders it left behind. I did a Google search to see if it left behind anything else. And then, I find the Sony Network Walkman Hacks page, which points to a fairly well hidden page on the Sony site offering MP3 File Manager.

You install it, double-click the program, drag MP3 files into it, and it puts them on the device. It's not perfect, but it works. Why can't it just be the default?

(* It doesn't really play proper MP3s. The MP3 File Manager (and presumably SonicStage, if it ever works) messes with the file in some way, most likely to discourage people from "stealing" music back off the device. It sucks, but not quite as much as a player that won't play anything because its software doesn't work.)

⇐10 Aug 2005 - taskkill /f /im / 08 Aug 2005 - Fixed.⇒


Thanks for the tip very helpful / Comment from nighthawk17 on 20 Jan 2007 at 15:34.

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